Sociology - Status socially defined position in a group or...

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Status - socially defined position in a group or society Social differentiation - process by which different statuses develop in any group, organization, or society Social stratification - relatively fixed, hierarchical arrangement in society by which groups have different access to resources, power, and perceived social wealth Estate system - ownership of property and the exercise of power are monopolized by an elite who have total control over all resources Caste system - ones stratification is given to them by the circumstances of their birth Class system - ones stratification can change according to individual achievements Class - refers to position within stratification system Social class - social structural position groups hold relative to the economic, political, social, and cultural resources of society Life chances - opportunities people have in common by virtue of belonging to a particular class Karl Marx - provided a complex and profound analysis of the class system under capitalism Marx defined classes in terms of their relationship to the means of production Capital class- those who own the means of production Working class- those who sell their labor for wages Max Weber - agreed with Karl Marx that classes were formed around economic interests and he agreed that material forces how a powerful affect on peoples lives Prestige is the judgment or recognition given to a person or a group Power - political dimension of stratification Status attainment - the process by which people end up in given position in the stratification
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Sociology - Status socially defined position in a group or...

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