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Reality television is well known all around the world. And I’m sure all of you have had your share of watching some type of reality shows or may even be one of those fanatics who enjoy a show so much that you tape every episode. Although there are 1,000s of diff. shows you can watch, today I am going to tell you how far dating reality shows have come opposed to the earlier days. The 3 points I will cover today are the actions &tensions have changed.2. Same sex game shows 3. Finding your soul mate. Dating shows not only raise a privacy issue but a deeper concern regarding the changing worth of the genuine relationships or even “true love.” Allowing other people to intervene in, frame force, mold and modify our dating and love situations points to a devaluing of sincerity within a relationship. The way that we think about meeting people, nurturing love &growing together seems to have shifted from a traditional view to
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