REC 1310 Paper #1

REC 1310 Paper #1 - Brandon Moczygemba REC 1310 Dr...

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Brandon Moczygemba REC 1310 February 26, 2007 Dr. Gustafson One Sunday morning, I went along with three of my friends to go golfing in San Antonio. I could not play because I still have not found a set of left handed golf clubs, so I went along to observe them and the other golfers. After observing them shortly during the time they were playing golf, I still could not exactly figure out if I could consider this to be play, leisure, or recreation to them. By the time they finished, I figured the best thing to call it is recreation. My first consideration was that my friends playing golf was just that, "play". The reason I thought that is because it was to some point spontaneous and with intrinsic motivation. I know for a fact the motivation was intrinsic because they were not forced to play. They played because they were motivated from within. The only thing that made me not want to consider this “play” is because play is usually non-goal oriented, but I could definitely tell each one of their goals and that was to shoot well and
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REC 1310 Paper #1 - Brandon Moczygemba REC 1310 Dr...

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