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Ryan's Paper - Ryan Moczygemba One-Year Rentals First of...

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Ryan Moczygemba December 12, 2007 One-Year Rentals? First of all I must start off by saying that I am a huge fan of NCAA basketball and have a lot of respect for the student- athletes that are gifted enough to be able to not only compete at a very high level day in and day out on the court, but to also excel in the classroom. College basketball should be thought of exactly how it sounds-COLLEGE BASKETBALL. In 2006, the National Basketball Association passed a rule stating that American players must be at least 1 year removed from high school and 19 years of age (by the end of that calendar year) before entering the draft. What is the problem with this? To be able to compete in the NBA, the player must be extremely talented. It seems like ever since Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett found success by jumping from high school to the NBA, more and more athletes are doing the same. Some of them succeed, some of them do not. Because the NBA imposed the age requirement policy in 2006, the very select few that are talented enough to make the jump are forced to go to college. That doesn’t sound so bad, until you take into account that they only have to be 19 to enter the draft. The few that are forced to go to college because of policy are basically being rented by the University that person chooses to attend because most of them already have in mind that they are already good enough to enter the draft so that will be
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Ryan's Paper - Ryan Moczygemba One-Year Rentals First of...

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