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Unformatted text preview: ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDY GUIDE - TEST 1 D. CARPENTER Chapter 1 Nature vs. Nurture Nature: genetical inheritance Nurture: involves exposure to environment Types of Mental Health Professions Psychiatrist(M.D.)-specializes in treating disorders Psychologist(Ph.D., Psy D., Ed.D) o Clinical-specializes in diagnosis of more severe illnesses o Counseling-studies counseling, studies of life problems, theories, etc. Psychoanalysis (M.D., Ph. D.) Abnormal Behavior Conceptual-deviations from what is considered normal or most prevalent in a sociocultural context Practical-based on pragmatic or clinical criteria concerning the effect of the behavior on the person exhibiting it or on others Integrated-mental illness to be dangerous and a form of social control used by those in power DSM IV TR-behavior that departs from some norm and that harms the affected individual or others Are mental patients dangerous? According to the Surgeon Generals report, there is a small elevation of risk of violence, especially among individuals with dual diagnosis Hippocrates Believed that many abnormal behaviors were caused by imbalances and disorders in the brain and body, a belief shared by many contemporary psychologists Also called father of medicine Also believed that disorders were caused by brain pathology o Brain pathology-disease of brain Trephining Surgical method performed by Stone Age cave dwellers in which part of the skull was chipped away to provide an opening through which the evil spirit could escape Exorcism 1 Treatment method used by the early Greeks, Chinese, Hebrews, and Egyptians in which elaborate prayers, noises, emetics, and extreme measures such as flogging and starvation were used to cast evil spirits out of the body Lycanthropy form of mass madness in which a mental disorder causes people to imagine themselves as wolves and carry out the actions St. Vitus Dance victim would leap up and run out into the street or marketplace, jumping and raving, to be joined by others who believed that they had also been bitten Witchcraft during the 15 th and 16 th centuries, people protested the Church; Church officials viewed such protests as insurrections that threatened themselves it was acceptable to use torture to obtain confessions from suspected witches, and many victims confessed they preferred death to prolonged agony Phillippe Pinel physician who was put in charge of La Bicetre, a hospital for insane men in Paris instituted what came to be known as the moral treatment movement o moral treatment movement-shift to more humane treatment Benjamin Rush widely acclaimed as the father of U.S. psychiatry, attempted to train physicians to treat mental patients and to introduce more humane policies into mental hospitals wanted patients to be respected and to have dignity and that they be gainfully employed Dorthea Dix a New England schoolteacher, worked tirelessly as a social reformer to improve the deplorable conditions...
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