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GE 31 - height/weight more than their race ethnicity or...

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GE 31 1a. Srudents at sUNY Cortland, or 1 st year students at SUNY Cortland b. Students c. Students d. Independent variable: type of Introduction to Sociology course (service learning or traditional). Dependent variable: student achievement (grades in the ourses, attendance, and attitudes toward social justice, social responsibility, and ability to make charge). e. Age, sex, race, high school GPA, SAT 2a. Kids age 14-18 b. Kids c. Kids d. Kids are more likely to get picked on because of their
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Unformatted text preview: height/weight more than their race, ethnicity, or religion. e. height/weight, race/ethniocity, religion 3. Females are more likely than males to volunteer to work for a charitable organization. Control variables are age, class, degree. 5. The older the respondents are, the more likely they are to participate in the activities of a local party. Control variables are sex, religion, religious fundamentalism, political affiliation, race, class, and degree....
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