GE 219 - It’s a little more homogenous than heterogeneous 13.04 10 11 68 of the responses fell into the range of 10.89 to 15.17 This is more

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Brandon Moczygemba GE 219 1. .82. It is more heterogeneous than homogenous. 2. 3. .5. It is a little homogenous; most are in the White category. 4. 5. Mode-$1000 to $2999, median-$10000 to $12499. Half the respondents ages18-25 makes $3000-$24999. 6. 7. Mode-it is not hard to take of work at all, median-not too hard to take time off work. Half the people ages 18-25 say it’s not hard at all. 8. 9. People ages 18-25 work between 24.89 and 54.57 hours.
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Unformatted text preview: It’s a little more homogenous than heterogeneous. 13.04 10. 11. 68% of the responses fell into the range of 10.89 to 15.17. This is more homogenous than heterogeneous. 2.14 12. 13. 68% of the respondents have between .75 and 3.07 earners for their family. This is fairly homogeneous. 14. 15. Mode-12yrs of Ed, median-12yrs of Ed, mean-12.8yrs of Ed. Somewhat homogeneous. 2.18...
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