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Pham 1 -1Michael Pham Professor RonnFeldt WRC 1013 29 October 2007 Bollywood: a Look Inside the Newest Film Business You may be asking yourself, “What in the world is Bollywood?”. Well, “Bollywood is the dominant global term to refer to the prolific Hindi language film industry in Mumbai” (Tejaswini Ganti pg. #1). The term “Bollywood surfaced around the 1970’s, and there is a huge difference in the themes and music used in Bollywood films than in Hollywood films. There have also been many successful films and stars made from Bollywood films. Once would expect Bollywood to just imitate Hollywood; however, they make their own genre of movies and that are inspired by their own music, dancing, and cultural values. “Even as a British colony, India was the third largest producer of films in the world” ( Tejaswini Ganti pg. #3). Although the name Bollywood was coined around 1970, India has been making movies for a long time. Bollywood is not only a reference to a specific industry, but a style of filmmaking that has box-office success and broad audience appeal. (Tejaswini Ganti pg. #4) It is true that both Hollywood and Bollywood are large, commercially driven film industries, but they are organized and operated in extremely different ways. Most movies in Hollywood are funded by big corporations, but in the Bombay industry movies are primarily funded by entrepreneurial capital. Movies in India are normally family run; therefore, there is a more personal connection and more of a feel of succession, rather than greed. Bollywood’s industry is decentralized and
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Pham 2 therefore makes it more flexible than a start-up company with venture capital would be. A Hollywood company’s goal would be to accumulate profit and stay afloat, but the
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bollywoodpaper REVISED - Pham 1 Michael Pham Professor...

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