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depression paper - Adam Towle Personality Heather, Monday...

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Adam Towle Personality Heather, Monday 2:00 – 3:15 4. Describe what is known about depression, making sure to address its consequences and its correlates as well as the processes by which it develops. For those with depression, their mental make-up provides an explanation of their views on the world. We each possess a cognitive schemas, or generalization about ourselves, but for depressives, this self-schema possesses assumption about the self that are negative. While this is not saying their schemas possess only negative assumptions, the negative assumptions that are stored predispose us to depression. This is particularly important because when these self- schema constructs are activated or triggered, the result is automatic thoughts that occur just below our level of awareness. These automatic thoughts then interpret the environment through the perspective of these negative assumption constructs, and lead to an increased depression. According to Beck, this cognitive schema of depression was indicated by lapse of coherence in free associations, which led him to believe there was something in the back of their minds that they were not fully aware of. Beck then argued for cognitive distortions, saying that those who are depressed possess a distorted perception of reality. In a sense, depression in this case is developed through a progression from negative schemas possessing negative assumptions, which induce automatic thoughts based on the relevant constructs. Based the active constructs, the person exhibits cognitive distortions followed by depression. Though Beck argued for the cognitive distortions of depressives, their interpretations of reality are actually more accurate than those of “healthy people.” Depressives are capable of judging quite accurately what is going on
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depression paper - Adam Towle Personality Heather, Monday...

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