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Adam Towle Personality Heather – Monday 2:00 – 3:15 2. Describe theory and research on the nature and operation of emotion, including research linking emotion with memory, cognition, and behavior. In relation to emotion, the social cognitive concept of affects influences our behaviors. Affects are thought induced feelings that effect our cognitions, and in turn our behavior. Within this concept of affects, we see the emergence of a concept, known as “hot” cognitions, which are thoughts that also activate strong emotions. As stated in the text, Smith and Lazarus proposed that anything that implies important consequences, whether beneficial or harmful, can trigger an emotional reaction for the individual. These emotional reactions, in turn, can trigger closely cognitions and behaviors that are closely associated with the emotions. In this sense, our emotional state has the ability to influence our cognition, including our interpretation of stimuli and information, as well as our behaviors. In extreme situations where we have “hot” stimuli and situations, it may automatically trigger and activate a “hot” emotional reaction, which is characterized by impulsivity, strong feeling states, and a bypassing of self-regulatory controls. In the cases where the hot emotional reaction contradicts with our commitments, stimulus control may result as an automatic reaction. These emotional reactions, whether hot or not, affect the type of behavior we engage in, as well as the manner in which the behavior is instated. Also, as suggested by a publication by Margaret Clark, feeling states influence our social behavior. Margaret claims that “feeling states are important determinants of people’s impressions on their
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emotion - Adam Towle Personality Heather Monday 2:00 3:15 2...

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