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stress and anxiety paper

stress and anxiety paper - Adam Towle Personality Heather...

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Adam Towle Personality Heather, Monday 2:00 – 3:15 3. Describe literature on anxiety, stress, and coping, including underlying processes, correlates, and consequences. According to the text, two behavioral systems, behavioral inhibition system, BIS, and behavioral activation system, BAS, are tendencies closely linked with anxiety. The behavioral inhibition system expresses a tendency to withdraw from situations, is more attuned with negative feedback, and has been linked with anxiety, and the anxious-prone individuals linked to the BIS have a tendency to be more passive and avoidant, reflecting physiological sensitivity and an awareness of all possible things that could go wrong. Behavioral activation system, on the other hand, expresses a tendency to approach a situation and is more attuned with positive feedback and extroverts, and the extroverted individuals focus on seeking rewards and have a tendency to be more impulsive and adventurous. Consistent with the BIS and the BAS, personality dispositions are related to each, with excitement by possibility of achieving a goal being linked with the BAS, and caution and fear of failure being linked with the BIS and anxiety. In the Regulatory Focus Theory, goal directed behavior is governed by two systems that are linked to the concept of achievement pride, which suggests that once we believe that we have accomplished our goals, we are more likely to go for more goals in the future. The first, promotion, is focused on obtaining rewards, and linked to the behavioral activation system, while the other, prevention, is focused on vigilance, and linked with the behavioral inhibition system and anxiety.
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