PHIL 13 class 26 OH

PHIL 13 class 26 OH - PHIL 13 / Class 26 OH Nomy Arpaly,...

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PHIL 13 / Class 26 OH Nomy Arpaly, “Moral Worth” (continued, from Unprincipled Virtue ) She wants to give an account of rationality—how we respond to moral reason We can act for reasons without knowing that we are acting for those reasons Somebody can explain your behavior better than you can Possible to act against your best judgment instead of doing what you think is rational You might fail to act accordingly to your best judgment and still do what is morally required akrasia - Akrasia (i.e., weakness of will) and Inverse Akrasia (the case of Huckleberry Finn) Weak-will- you can bring yourself to do what you accurately believe is the right thing You cant conform your will to what you correctly regard your moral requirements Inverse akrasian—feeling is weakness of will, but she’s wrong about what she ought to do and it actually leads her to do the right thing Ex. Huck Finn—should turn in the runaway slave. He accepts at a superficial level racism (the society in which he is brought up), but he cant bring himself to do what he believes he ought to do He cant bring himself to turn in the slave, he thinks he’s doing wrong, but in fact, it looks to us that he’s doing the right thing (against the law that seems morally objectionable) He doesn’t think he’s doing the right thing When he fails to do what he thinks he ought to do, he in fact does the right thing. What explains his behavior is the fact that Jim is his friend—huck cant seem to bring himself to hurting his friend. Huck is actually praiseworthy without himself thinking that he did the right thing (though Huck believes what he did is wrong) - Degrees of Moral Concern Having a concern for morality lead to praise for actions The higher the degree, the more praiseworthy you are
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PHIL 13 class 26 OH - PHIL 13 / Class 26 OH Nomy Arpaly,...

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