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PHIL 13 class 26 OH

PHIL 13 class 26 OH - Honest Mistakes The Case of Solomon...

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PHIL 13 / Class 26 OH Nomy Arpaly, “Moral Worth” (continued, from Unprincipled Virtue ) - Akrasia (i.e., weakness of will) and Inverse Akrasia (the case of Huckleberry Finn) - Degrees of Moral Concern - Character Traits Depth of moral concern is a more important aspect of virtuous character than mere predictability of action. - Self-Control “to the extent that there is a property called ‘self-control’ that is independent of the content of the desires to be controlled, it is hard to see it as anything but morally neutral, a tool that we want the moral agent to have and we hope the immoral agent lacks” (99). - When Does Ignorance Undermine Blame? “What if it turned out that Hitler sincerely believed that Jews amounted to harmful creatures who are out to destroy humanity, and that therefore he was attempting to do the world a lot of good by helping to get rid of them? Would we have to admit that Hitler was not evil, after all?” (101).
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Unformatted text preview: - Honest Mistakes- The Case of Solomon and “Motivated Irrationality” The racism of the typical anti-Semite is not based on an honestly mistaken belief but rather is constituted and motivated by emotions and feelings that are themselves open to moral condemnation. The resilience of the racist’s false beliefs in the face of evidence to the contrary is explained by the presence of these emotions. Arpaly says, “the anti-Semite’s belief plays a rather superficial role in a drama in which a person is motivated by sinister desires” (106).- Morally Objectionable Actions that are Not Motivated by Ill Will “If respect for persons is a deep concern for you—deeper than the desire to be popular with your anti-Semitic friends—you will think twice before accepting the view that Jews are not persons in the face of powerful evidence to the contrary” (110)....
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PHIL 13 class 26 OH - Honest Mistakes The Case of Solomon...

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