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Phil 13 final exam - you should be familiar from the most recent readings As usual this is not necessarily an exhaustive list Kitty Genovese

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PHIL 13, Fall ’06 Final Exam (Monday, Dec. 4, 8:00-11:00 AM) The final exam will have a structure similar to the in-class exams. However, you can expect more short-answer (and perhaps some short-essay) questions; a correspondingly higher percentage of your exam grade will be determined by these kinds of questions. As a whole, the exam should be about 50% longer than the previous exams. You must bring a blue book to the final exam. The final exam will be cumulative , though a disproportionate number of questions will focus on the readings since the last in-class exam. Below you see a list of terms and concepts with which
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Unformatted text preview: you should be familiar from the most recent readings. As usual, this is not necessarily an exhaustive list. Kitty Genovese Milgram Experiments Shopping Mall Experiment Constitutive Moral Luck Good Samaritan Experiment Honest Mistakes Arpaly on Racial Prejudice Situationism Dime-Finding Experiment Group Effect Conflicted Obedience Character Traits Local Traits Zimbardo Experiment Agent-Regret Major Trapp Oskar Schindler Circumstantial Moral Luck Gauguin Example Huck Finn & Jim Inverse Akrasia Degrees of Moral Concern Desirability v. Worth of Actions Motivated Irrationality The Case of Solomon Responsiveness to Moral Reasons...
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