Final. Connie

Final. Connie - Class 24 Phil 13, Class 24 Moral Luck -...

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Unformatted text preview: Class 24 Phil 13, Class 24 Moral Luck - your moral fate is in your hand entirely - see moral luck as a phenomena(william, nagel) William Example (Gauguin Example) - Suppose that Gaugauin leaves his family to go to TIkiti , because he feels that he can become a great painter, - We might think that Gaugaun success or failure might retroactively color the action of leaving his family - whether he got it in him might be something he has limiting control of. - if he becomes a great artist, does his action of leaving his family justifiable? - if justifable, largely by luck... so the justifiable of his action depends on factors that are out of his control. ex: truck driver runs over a child by accident. the driver should feel something like regret even though isn't his fault because he was directly involved (agent regret).. been alittle negligent because didn't check his break or ... - but suppose he didn't check his break n didn't hit the child but in this case, by luck he didn't kill a child,,, what we might be left with that we ought to treat all people who don;t check his break as the same as a truck driver who killed a child. - either way will get rid of moral luck but not satisfactory. - in terms of their contribution, might have done the exactly same thing but the rest is up to moral luck. Nagel - brodens what william has to say, - intuinitely possible for wahts not their fault, luck isn't something you can control so luck shouldn't contribute to moral assessment. - moral assesment is just like moral blame, - Smart: wouldn't ascend to that we're judging the person... smart way is grading the person based on the actions consequences. Things might go a certain way, so your action did to ma mize happiness. For smart it is still right actions - Intuiton: we do need to make room for moral luck. - something that are outside of our control do contribute to moral ssessment: murder is a worst agemt tjem tje atte[td mirder// the attempt went wrong but things didn't go well as the murders plan. - so we got tension b/w luck shouldn't matter at all in morall assessment vs. that it doesnt EX"; rescuing somebody n dropping him from the 12th floor. a small thing. but makes a big difference. Exx: recless driving n man slaughter: vs. reckless driver - contribution that the agent made is the same... bad luck happen to one of them.....
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Final. Connie - Class 24 Phil 13, Class 24 Moral Luck -...

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