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Ch 4 The Astonishing Hypothesis 1. Experimental Neuroepistemology a. Study plagued by philosophical doctrines b. Nullius in verba i. Francis Bacon: invisible college of natural philosophers c. Astonishing hypothesis: “you” no more than vast assembly of nerve cells and associated molecules i. Corollary: perception of a given quality or aspect of the visual stimulus consists of the activity of identifiable neurons in the cerebral cortex activity of single neurons cause of perception ii. Middle temporal area responds selectively to motion direction in visual field 1. columnar layout: neighboring neurons have similar directional selectivities 2. stimulated MT area will cause monkey to see directional motion where there is none 2. The Marr-Poggio Program a. Cognitive act can always be explained at several levels, but the only complete one kind is one that spans them all i. Overarching explanatory hypothesis: Cognition = computation ii. Concrete multiple-level master plan applicable to study of any computational system
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