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Back Stabbing Shula - John Bowen Nancy Carol Steelman Essay...

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John Bowen Nancy Carol Steelman Essay # 5 November 28, 2006 Back Stabbing Shula In a never-ending attempt at finding another head coach to bring Alabama back to the glory days of football, the University of Alabama again fired yet another coach. After just four years on the job filled with injuries and NCAA sanctions, the powers at be fired Mike Shula. The native son of the University, Shula was stabbed in the back after just one unforgivable loss this season. Coach Mike Shula should not have been fired because he was young, it wasn’t his fault for losing to Auburn, he could have changed, and the team was still young. Mike Shula was hired at a young time when he really did not know what he was doing as a coach. He was expected to lose the first two seasons to get the feel of things, especially after the team was hit by tremendous NCAA sanctions. Shula was only into his fourth year at Alabama, and only in his second year of having a full recruiting class. Shula depleted team could not beat Auburn, and that was his biggest error. He was perceived as the problem as to why we lost to Auburn, when in reality it was numerous other reasons. In 2004, Alabama lost its entire backfield to injuries and played an undefeated Auburn team. In 2005, Auburn’s entire game plan involved attacking a porous offensive line and sacking quarterback Brodie Croyle, which it did eleven times. In the 2006 game, two crucial sacks allowed by offensive linemen Chris Capps lead to turnovers in which Auburn easily scored on. Take away those turnovers, and Shula would probably still have his job. Shula took Chris Capps out the game, showing how he was willing to correct mistakes. Shula was willing to make changes when needed. After Capps’ second sack leading to another JP Wilson fumble, Shula inserted other linemen on a rotation method, allowing no more sacks. His play calling noticeably changed throughout the season. Criticized after playing too conservatively in the Arkansas game, Shula began to call more aggressive plays such as reverses 1
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John Bowen Nancy Carol Steelman Essay # 5 November 28, 2006 and end-arounds. By relinquishing offensive play calling duties, the team would have improved dramatically. One of Shula’s weaknesses was a lack of rhythm in play calling. Had Dave Radar taken over for a bowl game, then Bama fans would have been able to seen just how much it
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Back Stabbing Shula - John Bowen Nancy Carol Steelman Essay...

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