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Essay 2 (Ad-ing up the differnece)

Essay 2 (Ad-ing up the differnece) - 1 John D Bowen Essay#2...

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John D. Bowen Essay #2 Professor Steelman October 3, 2006 Ad-ing up the Difference Show off. Flaunt money. Go the distance. Value and reliability. These are two different beliefs that attract two different markets. Both vehicles accomplish the same task--driving from one point to another. Cadillac is upscale and refined; believing money is no object. On the other hand, Volkswagen’s “Pre-Loved” campaign stresses the importance of reliability, enjoyment and practicality. While both carry drivers, the vehicles target two completely different classes. Cadillac has built its name around luxury and indulgence. By consistently putting luxury at the forefront of its ad campaign and pricing its vehicles accordingly, Cadillac has built a stellar reputation as one of the best American made vehicles. They target wealthy customers with high class, and this ad is no different. This ad attracts its market by using flash, speed, and wealth Volkswagen, on the other hand, has come to be known as a reliable, practical vehicle for those wanting fun and adventure at a practical price. By embracing this reputation, like Cadillac, they have targeted a specific market of adventure seeking youth. Unlike Cadillac, they have marketed towards a used market segment while stressing their reliability and ‘fun-ness’ to drive. Cadillac has hit an arrow through the heart of its market. At first glance, this ad is classy: a black vehicle with black tinted windows conjures up images of importance and class. Large 1 1
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chrome wheels stand out, and the vehicle glistens in the light. The vehicle is on a backdrop of smooth beige, further allowing the black vehicle to stand out. Such images evoke prestige, class, and luxury--exactly what Cadillac wants. Volkswagen uses a different approach. Upon encountering the ad, the reader first notices countryside followed by a long road. The car itself is shown at the beginning of the road. Doing this subliminally tells readers that the car still has a long road to travel. The car itself does not stand out, but instead almost blends in with the scenic countryside and the road. It is not the focus of the ad, instead it is used Volkswagens. The reader drops down to read the text. It is important to note that not once does this ad mention “used” or “pre-owned” vehicles. Instead, it
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Essay 2 (Ad-ing up the differnece) - 1 John D Bowen Essay#2...

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