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Fight Club - John Bowen Nancy Carol Steelman Review Essay...

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John Bowen Bowen 1 Nancy Carol Steelman Review Essay October 15, 2006 Fight Club Hits It is dark. It is demented. It is funny. It is not your typical movie. Fight Club hits its mark and leaves an impression, giving its viewers a different perception on life. It’s a movie about venting male aggression, and changing perceptions on our society. Fight Club packs a punch on countless levels including direction, acting, plot, mood, and screenplay. In a movie that could only have been directed by David Fincher, he is able to pull off another masterpiece. Dark and similar in feel to Seven, Fincher subtly plants ideas and beliefs into his movies that leave intelligent viewers thinking even after the final credits roll. His use of camera angles and coloring laid the groundwork to question how traditional movies are made. His use of different angles help audiences see from another perspective, much the way the plot of many of his movies do. Fincher’s movies can be described nothing short of grungy and unsettling. After watching this movie, some viewers may feel the need to bathe. The acting jobs performed by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt deserve numerous awards. Norton gives another memorable performance, and Pitts’ acting is flawless. Any other two actors in this role would have drained this movie. Norton is the yin to Pitt’s yang, their chemistry make this movie. Norton’s character perfectly portraits a weak corporate slave whose life is empty and meaningless. Norton continues on this meaningless path until he meets a charismatic soap salesman (Pitt). Norton is the meek to Pitt’s mighty, and the two work off each other perfectly. Arguably the most powerful scene in the entire movie is between Pitt and Norton during a night
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Fight Club - John Bowen Nancy Carol Steelman Review Essay...

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