What studenst can do..

What studenst can do.. - Bowen 1 John Bowen Nancy Carol...

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Bowen 1 John Bowen Nancy Carol Steelman EN 101-060 Essay #1 11 Sep. 2006 Balancing through Many students get lost in piles of textbooks and stacks of homework assignments throughout their four years of college. Others skip class and party for the duration of their college careers. To get the most out of college, however, a balanced lifestyle is required. One of the many things some college students neglect is a social life. A social life is important for making friends and connections for the future. Through networking, many students find an edge by getting to know others in the same field as compared to students who spend all their time studying and not involving themselves with new people and different organizations. A balanced approach to life is effective and helps students be better rounded while growing into adulthood. Balancing academics and social life can be difficult, but it is by far the best way to get the most out of your four years of college life. Students can involve themselves in many social organizations on campus. Many campuses have fraternities and sororities that help students join groups and surround themselves by friends. Many times they have events that go on every night. Other students take it to the other extreme, by not going to any social events, only surrounding themselves by school work, and simply missing out on traditional college life that involves socialized drinking. Even more students tend to take the opposite approach by trying to do both. Some tend to party and study and neglect eating and sleeping to the point where 1
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Bowen 2 exhaustion sets in. That may cause students to sleep in and miss important classes. Research suggests it is best to get eight hours of sleep per night to be fully charged for the next day. Another way to get the most out of your college experience is by getting ahead.
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What studenst can do.. - Bowen 1 John Bowen Nancy Carol...

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