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History Research Paper - History Research Paper Causes of...

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History Research Paper Causes of the Civil War Books: Cook, Robert, Civil War America Making a Nation (Printed in Malyasia. Pearson Press. 2003) Klingaman, William Abraham Lincoln and the Road to Emancipation, 1861-1865 (printed in USA, Viking Press) What Caused The Civil War? Lincolns election caused angst among southerners (AL) - Lincoln opposed the spread of slavery to its present boundaries (p7) - Suspected that Lincoln would threaten slavery where it already existed, despite Lincoln saying he wouldn’t. (p7) Balance of power shifting in US - had dominated for ¾ century (p7) - south on verge of paranoia (p7) - scare tactics to other southerners- marrying white daughter and black man (p7) Lincoln tried to be conciliatory in inaugural address. southerners didn’t buy it.---p37 South states that war is inevitable. North still think south is bsing…and will come back. Inaugural address could be conceived two ways. –p33 Stocks went down the next day after speech. –p37 Fort Sumpter only had 6 weeks of supplies left.-p38 Lincoln debated to go in and reclaim sumpter, or leave it alone and let the south have itp40 Many southern generals resigned for favor in the confederate army. As possibility came closer and closer to war, many northern citizens bought more and more firearms. Lincolns cabinet said let them have sumpter, but we will keep fort pickens….all except one person. (Montgomery Blair) p39 Lincolns compromise- If Virginia stays with the Union, than they will let the south have the fort. Lincoln sent Hurlbut to SC and south to see if anyone at all would consider rejoining Union. No one was-- p44
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Lincoln sent supply ship to Sumpter to give them food. Confederates started firing. 36 hours later the North gave the south its first victory. –p46 The Impending Crisis- 1848-1861 David Potter, New York, Harper Colophon Books. -
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History Research Paper - History Research Paper Causes of...

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