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Research Paper - John Bowen History 203-025 Bound in...

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John Bowen History 203-025 Bound in Slavery It was in itself, inevitable. Everyone knew it was coming. Essentially, It happened because of the war directly before it. Slavery was becoming a hot topic, and dividing the nation directly across the Mason-Dixon line. The United States was expanding, and for once Americans had to consider just how far slavery was to expand. The South felt like its liberties and freedoms were being threatened, and the abolition movement in the North picked up more and more followers. The Civil War started because of the dispute of the expansion of slavery into the western frontier, and by the growing resentment by both sides of the economic and moral policy of slavery. It started long before Lincoln was elected. James K. Polk was going to acquire a large amount of land from Mexico after the Mexican-American War (Potter 1). A freshman congressman amendment to an appropriations bill calling for a payment to Mexico for land. His amendment stipulated that slavery could not be held in this newly acquired land (Potter 21). The amendment quickly caused an uproar, leading many southerners who were previously supportive of the bill to quickly vote against it (Potter 22). The question of where slavery would stop became the question that divided the American people. Before Lincoln’s election, he promised not to interfere with slavery in the South, but he opposed to expansion of slavery to other states.
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