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August Reckoning Notes - August Reckoning Notes 1. create...

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1. create an argument for the existence of a conspiracy against JT. Explain how each groups views of Turner’s lynching reflected their larger attitudes toward Reconstruction. Jack Turner and other blacks campaigned strenuously for Pickens. The Negro leader became so active just prior to the election that the newspaper in Butler issued a clear warning: “Captain Jack had better go slow”. 65 Jack Turner helped make the governors election in Choctaw county closer. 1432 for Cobb (Dem) and 1132 for Pickens (Rep-whom Turner supported) 65 Jack Turner was becoming political adversary. 66 1880 left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of Choctaw County Democrats—most against JT. 70. Page 70 Page 75. conduct remained under close contact. Jack in contempt. 76 Breaks window…charged ten bucks. Released. 76 Adultery charges brought up again. 76. Jim Lassiter and Miranda Lassiter were states major witnesses against JT. 76 Grand Jury did not prosecute 77. Hatred of Jack Turner was no conger concealed in Choctaw county. It was not difficult to guess what caranthan thought of him, and other citizens deeply resented a newgo’s abilito to inconvenience white people and have them hauled off to federal court in mobil. Turners transgressions were difficult to overlook. He succeeded in getting a powerful white man indicted if not convicted. And his political influence causes the bourbons acute discomfort-they had come within a few votes of defeat. With no apparent strain Jack has survived attempts to silence him by putting him in jail. Something a growing number of people believed ought to be done. 78 In 1878 he astounded editor William e beggs of the Choctaw county news when he and
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August Reckoning Notes - August Reckoning Notes 1. create...

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