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Syllabus - AC 210

Syllabus - AC 210 - Culverhouse College of Commerce Course...

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Culverhouse College of Commerce Course number and title: AC 210 Introduction to Accounting. Course description: Introduction to accounting and financial reporting concepts and the use of accounting information in financial and managerial decisions. Credit hours: Four hours. Prerequisites: EC 110. Instructor: Denise Leggett. Office address: 325 Bidgood Hall. E-mail address: Primary: WebCT e-mail. Secondary: [email protected] Phone number: 348 - 0149 (during office hours only - no voicemail available). Office hours: 8:00-9:30 am Tuesday and Thursday. Other times by appointment. Required text: Ingram and Albright, Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions, 6th edition, 2007, Thomson South-Western. ISBN: 0-324-31341-1. Course objectives: This course introduces the concepts and terminology of accounting and financial reporting for modern business enterprises. The course will help you learn to analyze and interpret accounting information for use in making decisions about organizations. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able: 1. to understand basic accounting concepts, 2. to record basic accounting transactions, 3. to understand the relationship between accounting information and business activities, 4. to analyze the accounting reports of most businesses to assess how well they are performing, 5. to identify major strengths and weaknesses revealed by the reports Topical outline: Accounting & Organizations Business Activities Measuring Revenues & Expenses Reporting Earnings & Financial Position Reporting Cash Flows Accounting Regulations Time Value of Money Financing Activities Analysis of Financing Activities Investing Activities Analysis of Investing Activities Operating Activities Analysis of Operating Activities Use of WebCT and Bama Email You must have an active BAMA e-mail account and you must know your username and password for the account. You will be completing numerous assignments on the computer. You can complete the homework assignments in the Bashinsky Computer Center (Bruno Business Library) or from your computer at home. To use the computer lab, you must have your ACT card and your BAMA account information. The HelpDesk will not be able to look up your information. See http://helpdesk.ua.edu/email/index.html for more information about your BAMA e-mail account. **The course also requires that you check your WebCT mail on a frequent basis.** Various items will be posted on WebCT for you: the course syllabus, solutions to textbook homework problems, and various important documents related to the ALICE on-line homework program. In addition, periodic class messages will be sent out, which may contain critical information about changes in assignments or exam material. Messages will be sent only to your WebCT account; do not request that the e-mails be sent elsewhere.
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Evaluation: Exam 1 25% Exam 2 25% Exam 3 (final) 25% Homework/Quizzes 12.5% Alice Modules 12.5% Total: 100% A grade of C minus or better is required by the College of Commerce and Business Administration for students planning to apply for admission to C&BA. Students in other majors should check with their
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