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Geography Facts Test 2 - Geography Facts Test 2 Ground...

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Geography Facts Test 2 Ground water is 22% of all earths freshwater resources. True Groundwater is an independent source or water—false 50% of the US pop derives some of its water from groundwater resources---True Bama has enough ground water to cover the entire state to a depth of 50 ft true 80% of the public water system is Alabama depend of groundwater for at least part of its supply—true groundwater is Water in saturated zone below the surface of the ground its Part of the hydrologic cycle that lies beneath the land surface Its there bc of surplus water and excess surface water Deep wells in Saudi 3000-10000 years old Shallow wells less than 10 years old Advantages of Groundwater - inexpensive infrastructure - low environmental impact - large storage capacity - good quality an aquifer is a rock unit that can store and transmit water to a well or spring in useful amounts porosity- amount of open pore space, gap or grains in rock that can hold water expressed as % 10-30% is usually high porosity Permeability - Measures of interconnectedness of pores Primary- intragranular (just holes), Secondary- fracture systems, solutional network (connections between holes) Aquiclude- opposite to aquifer (does not transmit water in useable amounts)
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Water table is the very top of groundwater…. In the “zone of saturation” everything below it is filled with water.
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Geography Facts Test 2 - Geography Facts Test 2 Ground...

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