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psych 385 exam 1 review

psych 385 exam 1 review - ing emotions Be familiar with the...

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Psychology of Emotions Exam 1 Review This is just a basic review of what to study for the upcoming exam this Monday. Remember that you are just as responsible for the readings as you are for the lectures. Format: As I said in class--multiple choice (scantron) and short answer, to last about an hour. Good mix of lecture/reading on the test (i.e., around 50/50 but could be less or more). This is the only part that can be considered exhaustive . Be familiar with the following; Readings: Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 7. Lectures: Lectures 1-6 (slides available online). The following are just suggested themes to be familiar with and do not by any means constitute an exhaustive list of topics. Again, anything in the book or lectures is a candidate for an exam question. Know some history/philosophy about why emotions weren " t studied for so long in psychol- ogy. Be familiar with the main criteria for defining emotions, and the problems inherent in defin-
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Unformatted text preview: ing emotions. Be familiar with the subjective/objective gap and whether it poses a problem for the study of emotion. Be familiar with the main theoretical approaches as well as all the methodologies dis-cussed, along with their pros and cons. Know what sorts of findings t(e.g, studies) hat constitute evidence for an evolutionary ap-proach, as well as a few critiques of the evolutionary approach. Know what the modular/computational view of the mind is used by evolutionary theorists to understand how emotions work. Know what we mean by “basic” when we say basic emotions, and what sort of evidence would be necessary to make this claim true. Be able to distinguish the subtleties of the various claims of “basic” as well as the various claims that emotions evolved. Know that it was the 10th anniversary of Tupac " s death on Sep. 13....
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