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TCF Movies for Final You Can’t Take it With You The stenographer Alice Sycamore is in love with her boss Tony Kirby, who is the vice- president of the powerful company owned by his greedy father Anthony P. Kirby. Kirby Sr. is dealing a monopoly in the trade of weapons, and needs to buy one last house in a twelve block area owned by Alice's grandparent Martin Vanderhof. However, Martin is the patriarch of an anarchic and eccentric family where the members do not care for money but for having fun and making friends. When Tony proposes Alice, she states that it would be mandatory to introduce her simple and lunatic family to the snobbish Kirbys, and Tone decides to visit Alice with his parents one day before the scheduled. There is an inevitable clash of classes and lifestyles, the Kirbys spurn the Sycamores and Alice breaks with Tony, changing the lives of the Kirby family. Alice Sycamore has to introduce the family of her fiance, Tony Kirby, to her own family. The Kirby's are wealthy, stuffy family of great self- importance, while the Sycamore's are
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Unformatted text preview: a collection of good-hearted lunatics. When the two families come together, lifestyle and philosophy collide head-on. Written by Jim Beaver Tycoon Anthony P. Kirby fully expects that his son Tony will follow in his footsteps, but Tony's only real interest is in his secretary and fiancée Alice. His parents are appalled that he wants to marry a stenographer but to humour him agree to dine with her family. This is doomed from the start, as they are a collection of free spirits with little visible means of support presided over by Alice's wise grandfather. It also turns out that buying their house is key to Tony Snr's latest mega-project. Alice Sycamore, the only normal person from a zany family falls in love with her boss, Tony Kirby, but the relation breaks up, when during a dinner at her home, the house is raided by the police and everyone is arrested on suspicion of anarchism....
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