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ADELPHI UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK SWK 511 Human Behavior in the Environment Spring, 2008 Log Assignment #3 (Due February 23) Read the case assigned to you 1) How did trauma affect the personality and/or behavior of the individual? Be specific. Marcia has been in numerous different occurrences that impacted on her life: After her uncle sexually abused her she was traumatized. These events in her life caused an impact and created shifts in her life. These occurrences also shaped her personality as she was growing which can have a deep impact as she gets older. The psychological trauma is an affliction of the powerless (Herman 1997). Marcia stated that she was unable to tell her mother about the event. This is the kind of behavior is usually exhibited according to Herman. Marcia described her life as “out of control,”. We can clearly see all of the stress Marcia has been through, which can shape how she acts, with her peers. Just alone the alcohol and drugs impacted her personality and her direction she was going. Psychologically this lead to her depression and intense emotions she was experiencing through her development. Trauma is severe physical or psychological injury (Hutchison). Trauma can occur to anyone: adolescents, children, adults, and geriatrics. For example children who have close ties to extended family are particularly likely to experience loss of a close relative at a young age and are more prone to this sort of depression (Hutchison). When this occurs a memory is created, in which he or she can refer to, and cause a state of feeling which can deter their emotions. People with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) also experience trauma. According to Herman, people with PTSD can experience PTSD and not understand why, for example: an individual, who has been in the Vietnam War, experienced his fellow soldiers being killed. That is likely to cause some psychological trauma, and may lead to PTSD. However, the person may experience the symptoms of trauma, and not be able to recall the
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