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ADELPHI UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK SWK 511 (033 and 034) Human Behavior in the Environment Spring, 2008 Log Assignment #2 (Due February 26) Read the case (Sanchez, Mahdi or Suarez, from Hutchinson book, p.4-8) assigned to you 1) Outline examples of how race/ethnicity/culture impacts the life events (occurrence that causes abrupt change), transitions (change in roles and statuses) and turning points (life event that causes a shift) described in the case. Suarez Family Life events-moving to the US and having to cope with cultural conflicts Father’s stroke leads to Maria becoming the breadwinner (cultural values) Transitions-dropping out of school to take care of family Turning points -Maria becoming the breadwinner for the family and quitting school -Because of Maria’s death, Emma being taken care of by extended family members 2) Explain how these experiences affected the development of the person/family. Throughout this case culture plays a role in the stressors the family experiences as well as
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Unformatted text preview: the resources available to them. Firstly, the family moved to the US from Puerto Rico, therefore the entire family had to deal with acculturation issues. Secondly, when the father suffered a stroke, due to cultural gender expectations, the females in the family took over the care of the father, while the brothers did not have to take on this responsibility. Due to having to take care of her father, Maria was unable to go back to school. This example demonstrates how cultural expectations affected her progress through the life course. One of the developmental themes of young adulthood is achieving career goals. Maria cannot focus on that milestone due to cultural expectations of caring for her family. Thirdly, the family took in Emma when her mother died. Often times in Latino families the extended family takes over the care of other family members....
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