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ADELPHI UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK SWK 511 (033 and 034) Human Behavior in the Environment Spring, 2008 Log Assignment #2 Answer key for David Sanchez Read the case (Sanchez, Mahdi or Suarez, from Hutchinson book, p.4-8) assigned to you 1) Outline examples of how race/ethnicity/culture impacts the life events (occurrence that causes abrupt change), transitions (change in roles and statuses) and turning points (life event that causes a shift) described in the case. Life events -Boarding school attendance due to laws regarding Native Americans Transitions -when he entered boarding school he was forced to assimilate (loss of culture)
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Unformatted text preview: Turning points-meeting uncle and reconnecting with his culture, then becoming a spiritual healer. 2) Explain how these experiences affected the development of the person. Laws regarding the placement of Native Americans in boarding schools impacted the development of Mr. Sanchez. Within the boarding school the maintainance of his cultural ties were not supported, David experienced discrimination and was forced to assimilate. When his grandmother died he reconnected with his uncle who introduced him to his cultural values. He became a spiritual healer and was able to help others....
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