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SPRING 2008 STUDY GUIDE FOR COURSE PACKET READINGS You DO NOT need to answer these questions on paper. Instead, use them to guide your reading. The Reading Quiz questions will be drawn from these prompts. Week of 28 January, pgs. 11-42 (FOR READING QUIZ #1) 1. What was the Native American attitude toward what Westerners call “the natural world”? 2. How, during early contact, did Native Americans and Europeans view each other? What shaped the conceptions and misconceptions that each formed of the other? What roles did the Protestant Reformation, political nationalism, and the growth of capitalism play in shaping the European worldview? Week of 4 February, pgs. 43-68 (FOR READING QUIZ #1) 1. Why and how did Europeans transform the New World into a New Europe? What were the “instruments” of European expansion in this process? 2. What were the important features of Tudor England on the eve of British colonization of America? 3. What were the important features of Puritanism? How did Puritanism differ from Anglicanism? 4. What problems did the colony at Jamestown face and how did it solve these difficulties (pay particular attention to the roles of tobacco, indentured servants, and slaves)? How did the worldview of the Jamestown colonists allow them to judge African Americans and Native Americans as inferior? 5. In What ways did the colonization of New England differ from that of Virginia? What kind of society did the Puritans hope to build and how did they go abut that? What were the Puritan’s attitudes toward Native Americans? 6. How, during this period, were European ideas about space and time changing? How did this play out in America? 7. What were the important features of the colonial family? 8. What role did religion play in colonial America? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Week of 11 February, pgs. 69-90 (FOR READING QUIZ #2) 1. How did the American colonies reflect the development of the individualistic capitalism of modern times? In this process, how did labor and land become a commodity? How did the desire for land lead to conflict with Native Americans? 2. What was Bacon’s Rebellion? What were its causes? 3. How and why did slavery develop in the colonies? How did it vary by geographical region? 4. How was white society stratified in colonial America? 5. Important term: mercantilism Week of 11 February, pgs. 91-124 (FOR READING QUIZ #2) 1. How did politics evolve in colonial America? Were the colonies “democratic”? Why or why not? 2. What was the political ideology of the “Independent Whigs”? How did this shape Americans’ view of imperial rule? 3.
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HIST130-Reading%20Guide - HISTORY 130: 12 & 15 STUDY...

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