SOC 101- Lecture 11

SOC 101- Lecture 11 - Lecture 11 How do you connect...

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Lecture 11 How do you connect personal problems to society problems? Ex. Divorce When the average person gets divorce, he or she does not know he is in an overall trend of 50% divorce rate. Ex. unemployment Sociological imagination- connecting individual situation to larger social structure What is the influence of the individual and what is the influence of larger society? What holds society together? How is the world different today compared to the past? Ex. Regime of college attendance But being at Pton is part of larger trend. Admission is socially constructed. Can an individual make a difference? Is it the best way to live one’s life with sociological imagination? How can we avoid self-defeating assumptions? Us vs. Them? Theory: People have common humanity, but terrible situations change people. But for Abu Gharib, the soldiers seemed abnormal even before coming to the prison. Are they really the same? Is it possible to look at our own or another society without the lens of our own? Captain Cook controversy. Was he really considered a God? Salens believed that Hawaiians believed he was God. Obe believed that was ethnocentrism. The studies were done with Captain Cook’s own accounts. Obe wanted the point of view of the Hawaiians
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SOC 101- Lecture 11 - Lecture 11 How do you connect...

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