SOC 101- Lecture 21

SOC 101- Lecture 21 - o Competition with native workers o...

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Lecture 21 Many Mexicans undergo circular immigration Efforts to increase border control may lead to longer stays of immigrants in US who would’ve otherwise returned to Mexico What are the consequences of international migration? What are the longer term prospects for immigrants and their children? Trends in Migration Historical patterns of immigration Contemporary trends An Immigrant Nation 12% of US pop is foreign born 9% of US-born pop have at least one foreign-born parent Rate of immigration today actually modest relative to earlier points in history Largest share of immigrants coming from Mexico 29 million undocumented immigrants in US Estimated about 0.5 million undocumented migrants per year Consequences of International Migration Effects on the economy Effects on political system Effects on sending countries Effects on national identity and cultural cohesion Economic Consequences Costs o Depress wages
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Unformatted text preview: o Competition with native workers o Burden on social services • Benefits o Fill gaps in labor needs o Stimulate economic growth o Lower prices for goods and services Political Consequences • Increasing share of US pop is unable to vote Impact on Sending Countries • Costs o “brain drain” o Family disruption • Benefits o Remittances Money from remittances exceeds that from foreign direct investment or from foreign aid Classic Models of Assimilation • Race Relations Cycle (Robert Park) o Contact o Competition o Accomodation o Assimilation Segmented Assimilation (Portes & Zhou) • Multiple pathways of assimilation o Assimilation into middle class o Assimilation into underclass o Upward mobility within ethnic community • Vulnerabilities o Color o Economic conditions o Location • Resources o Political assistance o Public sympathies o Resources through coethnic community...
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SOC 101- Lecture 21 - o Competition with native workers o...

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