SOC 101- Lecture 2

SOC 101- Lecture 2 - SOC 101 Lecture 2 Four Key...

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SOC 101: Lecture 2 Four Key Sociological Questions: 1. How are the things we take for granted socially constructed? We think are from nature but are actually made by human beings. We can transform these larger structures. a. The very disciplines and subject matters are constructed by human beings. i.e. Sociology did not emerge until 1960s. First Sociology department started in 1891 in Uchicago. Immigration was defining issue. Woman’s studies, black studies, chicano studies, and other disciplines have emerged recently. They were made by human beings. b. Gender. When you first see baby, you ask if it is a boy or a girl. We need to know how to act and what to say the baby. Baby witnesses us respond to it in a particular way. Sexes are biological. Gender is constructed by society. The child views itself based on how others see it. Identities become socially constructed through interaction. We construct diff. btw. boys and girls as natural. Natural=not questioned? c. Deviance. Some child is almost always an outsider. When other people pick on someone, that person distances himself or herself from others to avoid taunting. The more this happens, the stranger and weirder the kid becomes. It was not natural. It was purely a construction of other children. i.e. If teacher knows children’s backgrounds, he or she treats the children likewise and reinforces those impressions. i.e. Columbine.
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SOC 101- Lecture 2 - SOC 101 Lecture 2 Four Key...

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