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SOC 101- Lecture 5 - Lecture 5 There are people who seem to...

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Lecture 5 There are people who seem to have something missing in them. i.e. common sense Deviance doesn’t just seem to be from labeling. Sociologists need to link everyday events to larger causes. When the blacks stopped people on the sidewalk, they made it difficult for people especially women to say no. Liberal whites feel especially bad passing a poor person on the street and saying no. They seem to be like us in culture, but by not following social conventions, they become “different” to us. Myth of a Value-Free Sociology Sociology has from the beginning understood itself as a science. As a science, sociologists are bound to scientific procedures. Weber argued for scientific objectivity in sociology. He condemned the lecture and believed professors should not articulate their personal views. Professors who articulated political views had more popular classes. He wanted the field to develop on its own by being value-free. Goodner looked at value-freedom as an ideology to insure professional autonomy.
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