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SOC 101- Lecture 8

SOC 101- Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Addition to Asch reading In...

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Lecture 8 Addition to Asch reading. In real life, groups need agreement to function despite some incorrect judgments. In real life, people are not being asked about something wrong. To say anything requires a leap. Networks Networks are direct and indirect connections that link people and groups to each other. Networks are difficult to study because people don’t realize who’s part of their network. He and his brother had human capital. They believed that people who do better had greater abilities. Networks-social capital. People who do better were somehow better connected. Social and human capital are both crucial. Ex. Bill Clinton was instrumental in developing his network affiliations. He kept a file of his networks. Over his life, he kept in touch, and this greatly helped him achieve his goals. Ex. The election of Pope Benedict XVI. After Pope John Paul II, there was a sense that the Catholic Church would adapt itself to the rise in Islam and the decline of Catholocism. It was surprising that Benedict was extremely conservative and old.
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