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SOC 101- Lecture 10

SOC 101- Lecture 10 - Lecture 10 So many women poised for...

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Lecture 10 So many women poised for power refuse those positions. Why? Feminism offends many women by not respecting choices. In England, many black men have children with white women. The white mothers must teach their daughters about racism. Things that are racial and things that are ethnic have much overlap. Ethnic differences are distinguished by being learned. But so many concepts fall into both categories. What sets race apart is that some ethnic practices become the basis for stigma, and the stigmas become the basis for extreme heirarchy. Differences within races are even more pronounced than differences among the races. The biological diversity within races is enormous. Perceived intrisic features of a race are actually features of an economic system. How did most blacks become poor? After Civil War, the elite wondered what to do about these ex-slaves. When blacks were given the opportunity, they moved out of the South.
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