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Study Guide for Final Exam BIBL 101-H1, Life and Teachings of Jesus Final Exam takes place Wednesday, December 15, noon-2:00, at the usual stand. PLEASE BRING A BLUE BOOK AND A COUPLE OF PENS. NO PENCIL. Essay Questions: 1. Be able to sum up Johnson's explanation of these practices: baptism, Lord’s Supper, lives of fellow saints, reading scripture in community, prayer/meditation, sharing possessions (listed on pp. 201-02 of his book). Base your explanations on Johnson’s chs. 1-3. Also be able to link these practices to their common purpose—“learning Jesus in a manner that transforms our lives according to a pattern of his own,” that pattern being “faithful obedience and loving service” (195, 201). a. Baptism -following Christ’s example of dying and rising. b. Lord’s Supper -the example of Christ is further imprinted and etched into us when we share the body of the Lord given for us and the blood of the Lord poured out for us. c.
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