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Study Guide for Final Exam BIBL 101-H1, Life and Teachings of Jesus November 22, 2005 Essay Questions: 1. Analyze Jesus’ answer to the questions of Mark 13:4. Jesus’ disciples ask him when the temple would be torn down and what the signs would be that his prophecy would be fulfilled. Jesus told his disciples there would be many who would come claiming to be the Christ but that would not be the end. He said there would be wars; that nations would rise against each other; that many national disasters would occur, but the end was still to come. Jesus warns his disciples that they would be persecuted because of him but that the Holy Spirit would help them speak. But then Jesus said when they saw “‘the abomination that causes desolation’ standing where it does not belong…then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” He said those days would be awful, especially for women who were pregnant and nursing. He said those days would be unequaled from the beginning and would never again be equaled. Jesus then told then there would be men who would come at that time declaring they were the Christ, but he told them to not believe them for they would be false prophets. Jesus told them to be on their guard because he told them before hand. 2. Be able to sum up Johnson's explanation of these practices: baptism, Lord’s Supper, lives of fellow saints, reading scripture in community, prayer/meditation, sharing possessions (listed on pp. 201-02 of his book). Base your explanations on Johnson’s chs. 1-3. Also be able to link these practices to their common purpose—“learning Jesus in a manner that transforms our lives according to a pattern of his own,” that pattern being “faithful obedience and loving service” (195, 201). Johnson explains some of the main Christian practices in his book, “Living Jesus.” He describes baptism as following Christ’s example of dying and rising. We must imitate Christ in every aspect of our lives, and baptism is the first step of being like him. By taking the Lord’s
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Supper the example of Christ is further imprinted and etched into us when we share the body of the Lord given for us and the blood of the Lord poured out for us. Christ’s example is further impressed on us when we view the lives of fellow saints because they have nourished us in the faith by their lives of obedience and selfless love. We can also learn from each other and from Christ by reading scripture together that “talks about Jesus’ own self-disposition in faith and love” (Johnson 202). We have to make a habit of not only learning what Jesus did, but also of putting his words into practice. We cannot truly understand what Jesus said about the sick or imprisoned unless we ourselves visit them. We cannot “find Jesus in the hungry and thirsty unless we go to those who are hungry with food and those who are thirsty with drink. We shall not meet Jesus in the stranger unless we provide the stranger with hospitality” (Johnson 202). 3.
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Study_Guide_for_Final_Exam-1 - Study Guide for Final Exam...

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