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Study Guide for Final Exam BIBL 101-H1, Life and Teachings of Jesus November 22, 2005 Essay Questions: 1. Analyze Jesus’ answer to the questions of Mark 13:4. 2. List the events (and corresponding texts) that occurred on the last eight days of Jesus’ life. 3. Summarize the sequence of events that occurred when the religious leaders tried to trap Jesus leading to Mark’s summary statement, “and from then on no one dared ask him any more questions” (Mk 12:34b). 4. What three events occurred during Jesus’ civil trial? What three events occurred during Jesus’ religious trial? Indicate which events that are not reported in Mark. 5. Possible questions from Johnson’s Living Jesus a. Summarize Johnson’s process for learning Jesus. b. How does the gospel of John compare to the synoptic gospels? c. How does Johnson encourage you to learn Jesus in the gospel of John? d. How does Johnson encourage you to lean Jesus in the gospel of Luke? e. What is the thematic and literary relationship between Luke and Acts? f. How does Matthew understand Torah? g. How does Matthew understand discipleship? 6. Possible questions from Unveiling Glory a. How did the resurrection transform the disciples? How does resurrection affect our lives? b. Describe the tension between “already” and “not yet.” Relate that tension to “being saved in the world.” c. The authors list five images of atonement. Note strengths and weaknesses of each image. Which image do you most identify with and why?
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In 2-5 sentences summarize the following stories: 1. 4000 are fed A crowd of 4,000, counting only the men, followed Jesus around for 3 days. They had not eaten so Jesus had compassion on them and did not want to send them away hungry. The disciples, again, questioned how Jesus would feed them. Jesus blessed the seven loaves and a few small fish and fed the hungry crowds with seven basketfuls left over. 2. 5000 are fed The disciples told Jesus to send the crowds away to get food because it was getting dark but Jesus told them to feed the crowds. They had only five loaves of bread and two fish that a boy in the crowd gave to Andrew. Jesus gave thanks and broke the bread. The people ate and twelve basketfuls were picked up. 3. A widow offers her money at the temple Jesus says the widow that gave only two small copper coins gave more than the wealthy that gave large sums of money. He said the wealthy gave out of their wealth but the widow gave everything she had in her poverty; which made her offering much more in worth to him. 4. A woman in the crowd is healed A woman who had bled for 12 years reached out and touched Jesus in a crowd while he was going to heal Jairus’ daughter. Jesus asked who had touched him but the apostles thought he was crazy saying, “There are so many people pressing against you.” The woman came forward though and said she had touched him to be healed. Jesus said because of her faith she was healed. 5.
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Study_Guide_for_Final_Exam - Study Guide for Final Exam...

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