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Critique Due: April 30, 2007 (noon) first 3 items, item 11, and 2 additional items (4-10) (see Chapter 11) 1. Title/Date <i>Meet the Parents</i> 2000 2. Director Jay Roach 3. Work, Artist, Audience Formalist The Director Humor (aimed at younger people), irony 4. Theories of Realism Give specific examples for all boxes to support analysis. Some areas may not work well for all films. 5. Formalist Film Theories 6. Auteur Theory 7. Marxist Theories
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Historiography 10. Special notes 11. Recommendation This movie is very humorous, though it makes me pretty frustrated when everything seems to be going wrong for Greg. There are some scenes that are a little sexual so if that bothers you I might not recommend watching this movie. The scenes are not extremely sexual though and there is no nudity. If you want to watch a funny movie and see that other people have bad days too, you might want to try this movie....
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