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BA_HIST_2006 - Sample Schedule for BA History For Students...

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Sample Schedule for BA: History For Students Entering Fall 2006 This is a sample schedule to illustrate how long it will take to complete this degree plan. Additional semesters may be necessary if you are required to complete courses listed in the right-hand column or if you repeat courses. Consult with your academic advisor before changing the sequence of courses. Some courses are not offered every semester and some courses have prerequisites . Check the course description in the current catalog for details. Failure to complete courses in the recommended sequence may delay graduation. FR Fall 16 hrs † BIBL 101 Life & Teachings of Jesus † ENGL 111 Composition & Rhetoric HIST 221 American History I (fall or spring) FINE ARTS (fall or spring, See degree plan for choices) COMS 111 Fund. Of Communication (fall or spring) † UNIV 100 University Seminar 1 hr Required if condition of Admission: UNIV 011 Student Success FR Spring 16 hrs † BIBL 102 Acts - Revelation † ENGL 112 Composition & Literature HIST 222
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