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WILSON2_8 to 10 - CHAPTER 8 -The 3 factors that cause...

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CHAPTER 8 -The 3 factors that cause political parties to play smaller roles in elections Number of office, low participation, weak condition of parties -Who do parliamentary citizens elect Just their par reps -Ways citizens can partipate (4) Join orgs, contribute money, write to members, talk politics -Characteristics of activists Highly educated, high incomes -% of Americans that don’t participate or only vote 40% -what is stronger influence of participation: education or income Education -who is more active: old vs young, men vs women Old. Men -black versus white, black versus white among same income class White. Blacks in same income though -what are blacks doing most: contact officials, vote, join orgs Join orgs -At constitution, who could vote Taxpayers and property owners -what president/year changed to all white males Jackson (1829) -What amendment/year said all races could vote 15 th /1870 -What act/year suspended literacy tests Voting Rights Act 1965 -According to Voting Rights Act, where could examiners step in Fewer then 50% of voting age population were registered -What amendment/year gave women the right to vote 19 th /1920
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-What amendment/year gave 18 year olds the right to vote 26 th /1971 -What party do young voters support today Republican -What % of eligible vote in elections 49-60% -When did the south become a one-party democratic region 1896 -What is turnout The % of voting age population that actually votes -Ballot distributed by the govt, secretly cast in booth Australian ballot -How many people exist who are voting age
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WILSON2_8 to 10 - CHAPTER 8 -The 3 factors that cause...

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