CRSC 1- Midterm Review

CRSC 1- Midterm Review - CRSC 1 Spring 2007 Midterm Review...

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CRSC 1 Spring 2007 Midterm Review Before agriculture ……. Hunters and gathers Migration and exploration Domestication of animals and plants Villages and settlements Division of labor, specialization, trade, counting and measuring (basic mathematics and geometry) Food preservation and storage Early civilizations and cultures Lessons from domestication of plants and animals: Humans became exposed and immune to animal disease Learned fundamental practices of farming Land management, pest management, plant management, etc Contributions from early agriculture: Greeks and Egyptians Eras of Modern Agriculture: Before 1900 – Era of Resource Exploitation Early 1900s – Era of Resource Conservation and Regeneration ( also Mechanical Era ) Mid-1900s – Era of Resource Substitution ( also Chemical Era, fertilizers and pesticides ) 1970- Present – Era of Information and Biotechnology Who wrote that: Food supplies increases arithmetically and populations increases geometrically? A strong influence of the Modern Era: Starting in 1862 with the Morrill Act, establishing educational institutions to teach agricultural and mechanical arts. Other Acts passed to strengthen this effort for US agriculture. Agronomy : the branch of agriculture where we study the principles of crop production and field management. Olericulture: the science and study of cultivation of edible vegetables. Major world food plants: be able to list major crops Types of crops: Cereals crops wheat, barley and rice Course grains corn, sorghum Sugar crops sugar beets, sugar cane Fiber crops cotton Oil crops cotton, safflower, sunflower corn and soybeans Vegetable crops – cool season and summer crops
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Problems facing California agriculture? (Urban pressure, land cost, water, air quality, labor, and global competition) Changing demographics of US agriculture: (age and size of farms) Plant Classification Plant Taxonomy:
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CRSC 1- Midterm Review - CRSC 1 Spring 2007 Midterm Review...

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