Asci 21- Beef Breeds

Asci 21- Beef Breeds - Pinzgauer Romagnola Tarentaise...

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BRITISH CONTIN ZEBU AMERICAN OTHER +Moderate frame +Early Maturing +Easy Fleshing +High maternal +Easy calving +Marbeling/Milk -Carcass Leaness -Muscling ANGUS HEREFORD RED ANGUS SHORTHORN Belgian Blue Devon Dexter Galloway Belted Galloway Lincoln Red Red Poll Scotch Highland South Devon Welsh Black White Park +Carcass Leanness +Muscling +Growth rate -Calving diff. -Mature size -Maintan. Req. -Marbeling ability CHAROLAIS CHIANINA GELBVIEH LIMOUSIN MAINE ANJOU SALERS SIMMENTAL Blonde d’Aquitai Braunvieh Marchigiana Normande Norweigian Red Piedmontese
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Unformatted text preview: Pinzgauer Romagnola Tarentaise + Parasite and diseas Resistant + Heat tolerant + Hardiness/Travel - Late maturing- Carcass quality- Disposition GYR INDU-BRASIL NELORE GUZERAT B: POLLED HEREFORD Z: AMER. BRAH BEEFMASTER BRAFORD BRANGUS RED BRANGUS SANTA GERTRUDIS BRAHMOUSIN CHARBRAY GELBRAY SIMBRAH BARZONA Amerifax Ankina/Chiangus Beefalo Beef Friesian Chimaine Rx3 Salorn Texas Longhorn BONSMARA BORAN HAYS CONVE MANDALO SP MURRAY GRE SENEPOL WAGYU ANKOLE-WATSUI...
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