Ag Ec 1- Final Study Guide

Ag Ec 1- Final Study Guide - Methods that scientists use to...

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Biology Notes – December 2, 2007 Chapter 12: DNA Technology and Genomics Biotechnology- Scientists have copied useful genes and put these genes into other organisms Allows us to make useful proteins in very large amounts Recombinant DNA- DNA from multiple sources Putting a human gene in bacterial DNA Cells with foreign DNA ( a bacterial cell with a human gene) Can mass produce gene products (proteins) Bacteria = the best vectors (for easy proteins) Some eukaryotic cells are used (yeast, mammalian cells) DNA technology is widely used in pharmaceutical industry to produce medicines and to diagnose disease Therapeutic hormones (human insulin produced by bacteria) Diagnosis and treatment of disease Recombinant dna technology: combining genes from various sources Gene cloning: production of multiple identical copies of gene carrying dna Genetic engineering: direct manipulation of genes for practical purposes
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Unformatted text preview: Methods that scientists use to copy dna from one cell (human) • Cut dna and paste it into another organism • You’re a scientist and you want to study the protein x from humans… • PCR copy of DNA • The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can be used to quickly copy any DNA • To clone a gene you first perform PCR • An enzymatic reaction what enzyme makes dna from dna? Dna polymerase • Mixture exposed to cycles of heating to separate the dna strands • During each cycle , dna replicates, doubling the amount • 1,2,4,8, etc. • After 30 cycles of PCR, yo would have over 1 million DNA that were identical to the original version. Advance uses of PCR Use it to mutate a gene Put genes back into organism, see what happens. Restriction Enzymes Enzymes are used to cut and paste dna Dna from two sources cut ny restriction enzymes at specific restriction sites Resulting restriction fragments...
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Ag Ec 1- Final Study Guide - Methods that scientists use to...

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