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Study Guide Questions for ASci 67 Mid Term Exam 1. What are some reasons animal companionship may play a role in reducing the seriousness of serious diseases like heart disease or reducing convalescent time after surgery? a. Animals provide a calming effect, encourage exercise and cure loneliness (2) 2. Describe and give examples of Animal Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding. How do these activities affect the physiological and psychological well-being of patients? a. Promotes empathy/nurturing b. Encourages socialization/communication c. Physical and emotional contact in a non-threatening way (14,15) 3. Give an example of a human physical condition or disease where the patient would benefit from therapeutic riding. a. Cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, autism, and learning and language disabilities (19) 4. Describe in some detail how therapeutic riding may help a rider with limited control of the lower body. Why is a horse better than a mechanical device? a. The rider gains physical benefits from the movement and gait of the horse. This movement with the added heat of the horse stimulates muscles that the rider would not typically use( 20) 5. Describe how animals might be used to assist a psychotherapist in reaching a patient. a. The mere presence of an animal can facilitate a trust-building bond between the therapist and the client by relieving some tension(16) b. Talking to an animal can be easier than talking to a therapist c. An animal can be used the help the client focus on an issue as they interact with the animal. 6. Be able to describe the unusual aspects of animals discerning human needs as described in the study guide. (some of these were not discussed in class) a. HUH! 7. Be able to list, explain and discuss the evidences showing that companion animals are important to Americans. a. Willingness to spend sums of money on living beings that have little or no utilitarian value and bring little or no status (3) b. Admit pets into intimate parts of our lives ie: Don’t care if they see you in shower or witness a fight between you and your spouse c. Love us unconditionally giving a person a reason to keep fighting. An
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MidTermStudyGuideF05 - Study Guide Questions for ASci 67...

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