History 11- Final Review

History 11- Final Review - 3/5 Clause- Counting of slaves...

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3/5 Clause- Counting of slaves as people. It would increase reps for Southern states and give them the power to fight the abolition of slavery. Georgia and South Carolina threatened to succeed and the result was that 3/5 of all slaves were counted toward. Aaron Burr-Ran against Jefferson for President. Resulted in a deadlock of the electoral college that went on for 35 ballots over 6 days. Until Burrs original conflict with Hamilton caused one vote to change. Abolition 301- Proposed by antislavery activists to give compensation to salve owners for their release. Didn't work as easily as the American Colonization Society believed it would because few people realized how heavily the South had become dependent on slavery practices. Abraham Lincoln- Joined republican party in 1856. Adena Culture- Mound builders. Emerged from Ohio Valley 400 B.C. Small villages but were widespread. Elaborate treatment of their dead. Alamo- An abandoned mission settled by 4,000 Tejanos in 1836. Albert Gallatin- Secretary of Treasury for Jefferson. Helped to repeal taxes by cutting spending, closing embassies overseas and reducing the army. Estimated that with this system it would take 16 years to get out of debt. Alexander Hamilton-Secretary of Treasury for Washington. An imaginative and dynamic statesmen with a program to strengthen the federal government and promote economic development. Extreme nationalist who had great influence over Washington. Alien Acts- Federalists insisted that threats of war with France required strict laws to protect National Security. Procedures for determing whether citizens of a foreign country proved to be dangerous. (Alien Enemies/Friends) Pres could expel anyone whos acts could be dangerous. Finally Naturalization act which made residence fourteen years from five. American Anti-Slavery Society 303- Held convention in London which ironically became the start of a whole new movement; women's rights! Many women accompanied their husbands and were seated in a screened off section and regarded as less important. Motivating factor for strong women of the century to begin campaign for women's rights American System of Manufacturing 316- A revolutionary invention because that established precise machine tools. For the first time a machine was repairable because the one piece that was broken could be removed and repaired rather than having to discard the whole thing. American Temperance Society 299- Temperance is the total abstinence or moderation of alcoholic beverages. When this society was started more than 1/3 to ½ of the members were female but it was headed by males who demanded abstinence on drinking. Anasazi- Meaning "ancient ones" Originated in 1st century B.C. in four corners. Expanded to become the most powerful people in the Southwest. Known for great architecture. Andrew Jackson 282- Fifth candidate to join campaign and won more popular and electoral votes but not majority. Strong support from Westerners. Popularity rose as Adams fell. Cheated out first time
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History 11- Final Review - 3/5 Clause- Counting of slaves...

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