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Biol 482L- Lab 4 - Osmoregulation

Biol 482L- Lab 4 - Osmoregulation - Jasmin Sangha Biol 482...

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Jasmin Sangha December 04, 2007 Biol 482: Lab Report #4 Dr Cohen Osmoregulation in the Han Wister Rat Abstract Osmoregulation is the body’s natural way of regulating osmotic pressures of bodily fluids to maintain homeostasis within the body. This experiment was designed to see what each of the different groups went through during periods of high concentration of salt or high concentration of sugar in the body. Three rats were taken, one being the control and the other two were experimental introduced by external means to high salt concentration or high sugar concentration. The blood and urine were taken of rats with different diets. Then equipped with an osmometer, we were able to read the osmomality of the animals before and after the intake of the salt. The study showed that the experimental rats not only gained weight during the experiment, much more than the control rats, but also had a much higher osmomality levels in the urine than the control. The body was however good on maintaining homeostasis, for the blood levels were nearly equal in the sugar experimental rats than the control and salty experimental rats, before and after the experiment. Introduction Osmoregulation is the body’s control of the levels of water and mineral salts in the blood. It is a homeostatic mechanism. Our tissues do not lose or gain water by osmosis because the concentrations of water and salts are the same inside and outside the cells. The osmotic strength of our blood obviously depends upon how much glucose and mineral salts it contains as well as how
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much water is present, however if we just think about the water and assume that the amounts of sugar and salts are correct, we will be able to understand how the brain and kidneys osmoregulate. Materials and Methods
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Biol 482L- Lab 4 - Osmoregulation - Jasmin Sangha Biol 482...

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