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ani phys 10-25 - Animal phys How energy is used How animals...

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October 25, 2007 10-25-07 Animal phys How energy is used…. How animals deal with extreme temperatures… P. 28 on your handouts Talk about energetics Animals unlike plants cannot get energy from non-food sources Must take in all the energy that we’re going to use Gg down the flow chart you see that at various parts you lose some of the energy Not all the chemicals that are absorbed are used for energy The energy that we do produce can be used for various processes Increase cell metabolism Movement One can estimate how much of the original nrg is used Always get a by product of heat 5 th category bcs of warm blooded animals Utilize energy to maintain a constant body temperature (next Tuesday) Digestive efficiency Gross energy intake: total amount of energy contained in the food that an animal eats. Ner energy intake: amount of energy available to an animal after food has been processed. *net energy = gross energy – energy in feces – energy in urine – cost of extraction of food 1. direct calorimetry subtract out the loss better way to measure actual energy use 2. indirect calorimetry picture on page 28 upper right memosieh and joseph priestley (discovered oxygen) take animal and put in chamber of ice and record how much water did the ginea pigs heat melt the ice. At different times. Feeding it different things. He’s truly the father of indirect calorimetry. He measured how much heat was utilized by the animal not how much it ate.
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ani phys 10-25 - Animal phys How energy is used How animals...

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